Silk Care Instructions

Silk is a strong and resilient natural fiber. Care for silk correctly and it will give you years of enjoyment. Many clothing manufacturers use a dry clean only label for silk, in many cases this is to prevent careless washing. Small and simply constructed pieces can be very easily handwashed.

Basic Care Instructions

Hand wash separately in cool water with mild soap

Do not soak

Blot dry with a towel

Do not twist or wring

Drip dry in shade

Details and Tips

Use a mild soap, silk wash or a gentle non moisturizing shampoo.

Although silk is one of the strongest fibers it is delicate when wet, therefor it is recommended not to soak.

Using 1/4 cup of white vinegar to a clean rinse and rinsing again will neutralize any soap residue and restore the silk's natural luster.

Silk is a natural protein fiber like your hair and like your hair when it wet shoud not twist or wring it.

To eliminate wrinkles in the habutai and Charmeuse products. You can fluff in the dryer for about 10 minutes on a low setting. remove promptly

To eliminate wrinkles in Silk Dupion products, straighten and reshape while damp. Air dry.