Silk Jersey Beanies -

     silk jersey beanie                                 

Soft and comfortable 100% silk jersey knit beanie with with soft encased. 

Wear your Silk Beanie to tame short hair styles, to protect your hair under moisture-robbing wooly hat or to keep your hair down and neat while you sleep.

Can also be worn under a wig.

Made in USA


size 1 recommended for 19-24 inch

size 2 recommended for 25-28 inch

When selecting size consider your hair stye and how snug you want your beanie to fit.     

Tip: To measure your head for a hat, use a soft tape measure (or a string). Place the tape measure (or string) around your head slightly above the eyebrows and ears, approximately the width of a finger. Take note the measurement and repeat to ensure a correct measurement (measure the string against a tape measure or ruler). Remember to consider the thickness of your hair style! 


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