From the moment I opened my package and felt the fabric of my Habutai Silk Bonnet, I was in love. It also stays in place overnight and is not restrictive.
Brittany, 6-22-2020
I just received the most exquisite silk bonnet from you over the weekend. The shipping was incredibly fast! My very first purchase was a loc tube which I adore and I wanted to try something different. The colors in the bonnet are lovely and it fits perfect. Thank you so much!
I've been looking for such a long time for a silk sleeping cap, and I finally found it here. The cap looks amazing and it's so soft I can't describe it. When I wake up my hair is soft, frizz free and still moisturised. I was truly surprised at how much better silk is over satin.

Thanks you for making such beautiful quality products.
My sister and I love our @prettyanntoinet's bonnet's. I stopped getting perm's 2 years ago and am just figuring out how to bring out my natural curl pattern. Once I get my curls the way I want them, I need my bonnet at night so I can stay curly for a few days.
I'm gettng one of those pillow cases next
Donna Torrence
Pretty AnntoiNet's, I received my package yesterday and I just wanted to tell you how lovely my beautiful new sleeping bonnet is...I've never been more excited to bathe my hair in silk softness! Thank you Thank you...Kelly Fulton P.S. Loveeee the Pink-on-Pink color.
Kelly Fulton Evans
My cousin bought me a sleep bonnet last year as a Christmas present. I was able to keep my hair soft and retain length by wearing my leopard bonnet. I recently purchased a beanie to wear as a wig cap because nylon takes my hair out.

Very happy with my sleep cap and I will be purchasing another in the future. I love all the different designs and fast shipping. Thank you!
Julia from Queens, 6/18/2015
My daughter ordered a loc tube for me about 4-5 years ago. I kept misplacing it and ordered another from a different website. I then found the misplaced one. No comparison. The loc tube ordered from your website got better the older it has gotten. I again have misplacd it abnd have to order another. The material is the best of any other loc tube or bonnet I have ordered or purchased from a store.
Elvira Burley
I have been a customer for 5 years now.
Stumbled across the website by accident. So happy I did.

Just ordered more bonnets for my grand babies and myself.

Will be ordering for the ladies at the
assistant living facility were my
mother resides very soon.

Keep up you wonderful quality and customer service!!!
Jacqueline Fossett, 9/9/2014
Shalom, i am so happy to have found your site! I have spent a lot of time online searching for Satin Long Sleep Caps, Finally! I will be ordering within 2 weeks! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Your site is AWESOME! Will be a customer for life! :)
AtalYah - 01/17/2014, Rocky Mount, NC
best sleep caps ever. you get the nice one's here - just in case you don't wanna look like a granny^^ fantastic value for money!
Michaela - Jan14, Germany

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