Silk Lined Beanies

angora and silk beanie

Our Beanies are made with natural wools or cotton and lined with real silk, not synthetic satin. Silk protects your hair and skin. Because silk is a natural structure, it is the most hypoallergenic of all fabric. Silk is an all climate fiber, silk is cozy and warm in the cold weather and comfortably cool in the summer or indoors.

More Beanies Coming Soon! Meanwhile all beanie styles are still avaiable in kids sizes 
Wool Angora & Silk Beanie
Soft wool angora lined in smooth silky charmeuse silk. USA Dry Clean
Product is out of stock
Wool & Silk Beanie -Nordic
A tightly woven wool with a grainy feel, very warm. Lined in charmeuse silk.
Product is out of stock
Ribbed Wool & Silk Beanie - Cream puff
Soft ribbed wool lined in smooth charmeuse silk
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